Chevalier, Robert

Technique: Mixed media

Robert Chevalier, artist

Born in 1953, in Saint-Jérome, Robert Chevalier is a self-taught artist whose passion for drawing exists since childhood. At thirteen, Chevalier received his first set of oil paints and paintbrushes. This event in his life triggered him to take painting lessons.

Being fascinated by the realistic manner with which the Old Masters painted, Chevalier studied their pieces vigorously. He perfected his technique by taking drawing lessons of the human anatomy, of colour, and of perspective at the University of Quebec. He also received a formation in graphic design and multi-media at the Art Academy of Montreal. This brought him to teach two years at the latter.

Now, living and working in the countryside, Chevalier prefers to work on landscapes and still life paintings. His knowledge and personal research has helped him to develop new textures which add a unique richness to his colours. He accentuates the multidimensional effect in his paintings by playing with light versus shadow. Chevalier’s pieces are sought for; their textured backgrounds and smooth surfaces create a rich and unique combination.


  • Various exhibitions in Quebec since 2001


  • Private and corporate collections both in Canada and the United States