Technique: Mixed media

Chantall, painterChantal Leblanc was born in Quebec City, and currently lives and works in Montreal.

Chantal's passion for art began at a very young age. For most of her youth, she devoted herself to drawing, music and classical ballet. For a few years she visited Europe and Asia for work, and studied the landscapes and people around her through photography, but did not actively pursue her affection for art. In 2015, she made the choice to fully dedicate her time to her first passion: painting and visual arts. She refined her techniques under the guidance of internationally renowned artists and critics including Renée Phillips and Nancy Reyner.

Her works are constructed with a masking process using bursts of echoing colours that are then lost in hazy depth. By exploiting contrary notions, she creates states of reprieve. The artist attempts to immortalize an instant in the state of being, and to seize the energy which lives in us and thus find an inner peace.

"I draw the observer into a state of reprieve and into a current that provides beauty and healing. This oasis that our spirit seeks, is one that already exists in us."

She has received numerous awards and medals during her career, including 8 awards at the American Arts Awards, an international competition with a jury of 25 galleries and museums; the silver medal at the 44th CAPSQ International Exhibition in La Galleria La Pigna at the Vatican; an award of excellence at Manhattan Arts International in New York; Honourable mention in the July 2016 edition of The Artist's Magazine. Her works have recently been presented by the Red Dot Gallery at Art Basel Miami Art Fair 2016.

Her works are found in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.