Chakchem, Najib

Technique: Acrylic

Najib Chakchem, painterNajib Chakchem is a self-taught artist born in 1978 in Tozeur, Tunisia. He began painting at a very young age and managed to develop a career for himself by the time he turned 18. Najib paints portraits of women from all around the globe, combining soft blending and lighting techniques worthy of classic figurative realism with colour blocking and compositions of a much more contemporary style. His love for his subjects is shown through an expression of grace and admiration.

Chakchem appreciates the artists of the Classical Era and the great Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. He is fascinated by angels as subjects, and has dedicated a whole series of paintings to these heavenly and voluptuous creatures. From Brazil to Turkey, and Paris to Athens, these young angels with feminine faces provide scenes of sweetness and sensuality that seem to come from another era. The artist presents the woman of the future: elegant, stylish, and avant-garde, who portrays strong presence, both hypnotic and timeless. The timeless female subject is not a vain representation in this case, but rather the result of combined appreciation and studied research.

Group exhibitions

  • 2010 - Autumnal, Galerie El Borj, Tunis
  • 2009 - Colors of Ramadan, Galerie El Borj, Gallery Cape Town, Tunis
  • 2009 - Black and white, Galerie El Borj
  • 2008 - Inauguration, Galerie El Borj
  • 2003 - Gallery View, Tunis
  • 2001 - Gallery Sidi Bou Said, Tunis
  • 1998 - Gallery Toledo, Italy

Individual exhibitions

  • 2013 to today - Permanent exhibition at The Beauchamp Art Galleries, Quebec
  • 2011 to today - Permanent exhibition at the Galerie d'art Ambiance, Montreal
  • 2010 - Angels  Galerie El Borj
  • 2009 - The Mona Lisa Galerie le Golfe, Tunis
  • 2005 - Gallery Ebusus Ibiza, Spain
  • 1999 - Gallery Ibn Khaldoun, Tunis
  • 1998 - Gallery Ali Douaji, Sousse, Tunisia
  • 1998 - Chrysanthemum 
  • 1997 - The autumn leaves
  • 1996 - Masters of Light
  • 1995 - The double gaze position Echebbi Space, Tozeur , Tunisia