Cayouette, Nancy

Technique: Acrylic

Nancy Cayouette, painterNancy Cayouette is from the Saguenay region. She is a self-taught artist and her creative talent has been evident since childhood. At first, she drew, and then she began to discover the fascinating array of colors that opened her artistic mind. Little by little, she explored oil painting and continued to experiment.

She finally discovers the beautiful medium of acrylic with which she currently loves to work. During the many years she has been experimenting with these different techniques, she has approached several styles in order to perfect her creations and succeed in her artistic aspirations. She has developed a totally contemporary abstract style that resembles her personality. Her work is constantly evolving and her need to create has become her way of life. For her, art remains a mix of discovery, pleasure, fascination and emotion. Through her work she conveys her feelings of the present moment. "Once completed, the work reflects what I am," says the artist.

She is a full-time professional painter and has been making a living for several years teaching, selling her paintings and showing her work in various exhibitions and symposiums.