Castaneda, Raul Cortés

Technique : Bronze, mixed media

Raul Cortés Castaneda was born in Rivera, Colombia.

When he was young, Cortés was inspired by all elements found in nature that could bring his dreams to life. Self-taught, he began his artistic career by taking pottery lessons.

Afterwards, he established himself in Bogota with as a main objective, to perfect his skills and acquire knowledge in sculpting.

At this point, Cortés familiarized himself with different mediums such as stone, wood, bronze, marble, resin, polyester, and many others. Once his formation was completed, he left for Paris to study lithography.

Since then, he works and travels in many countries throughout Europe. Cortés is a multidisciplinary artist.

Nowadays, his time is entirely dedicated to painting and sculpting marble. Both these methods, are to him, the best means one has to express oneself.