Caron, Jean-François

Technique: Oil on masonite

Jean-François Caron, painterBorn in 1971 in Beloeil, Jean-François Caron is a self-taught artist creating as a carpenter, sculptor, painter, music composer and performer. He has loved drawing from an early age, and in his early thirties, painting and music became his priority.

The paintings of Jean-François Caron are recognized by their size, but also by the density and richness of the texture he creates with his palette knife. Caron is interested in varying subjects that range from landscapes and rural scenes to still life and animals. In the Beauchamp Art Galleries, he exhibits non-figurative works that evoke nature and pay tribute to the animal kingdom. Earthy colors and branch-like forms suggest a naturalistic inspiration.

Jean-François Caron is a young artist to watch out for, who has already held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous symposia in Quebec.

Artist statement

"In the shadow of difficulty and through the light that makes it tolerable, the artist gives free course to his imagination and full expression.

When asked to explain the motivations of his artistic career, he’ll simply say that he uses his instincts and savoir-faire to the best of his knowledge.

He seeks to interpret the emotions and mysterious nature of the energy within us. In his work, the artist aspires to reflect harmony, strength and balance, and portray an image of what the soul offers us.

For Jean-François Caron, creation is an adventurous exploration, where the conscious feeling to be in contact with one’s self becomes ubiquitous." (Text from the artist's website)