Capicotto, Joseph

Technique: Acrylic

Joseph Capicotto, painterHaving graduated from York University in Toronto with a double major in Fine Arts and Mass Communications, Joseph has enjoyed a successful career as a freelance artist specializing in pastel portraits and fresco murals. Since then he has developed and refined a versatility of styles ranging from impressionism to abstract.

More recently, Joseph Capicotto has introduced a series of landscape paintings to his repertoire of work. In these paintings, one can detect the artist’s sensitive eye for colour and design. Joseph's trees, skies, and rivers form an harmonious entity. In all his paintings, one can sense a delicate and dreamy mood.

As for his portraits, Joseph is very comfortable and knowledgeable of the human anatomy. This gift enables him to paint without the use of life models.

Joseph's paintings are not loaded with social messages or symbolism. Neither are they surreal. Capicotto only paints what he is passionate of. He simply wishes to portray the ultimate beauty one can find in both a landscape and the human body.

Examples of his work can be seen in many public buildings throughout the greater Toronto area.