Cantin, Rose

Technique: Acrylic and mixed media

Rose Cantin, painterOriginally from Quebec City, Rose Cantin has now returned to her hometown after spending a few years in Montreal. With a background in jewelry and industrial design, she has utilized her explorations in form, composition, and material into her visual art practice since 2009.

Spontaneously applied and meticulous, this self-taught artist draws inspiration from constructivist and minimalist trends to create works in which geometric shapes and lines control the instability of the impulsive gestures. Drips, folds, and random, repetitive gestures challenge the controlled intentions of their boundaries. This eternal struggle between the organized and the chaotic drives the production of Rose Cantin, but also sets the pace for her personal life. Divided between the compulsion for order and the intriguing beauty of creativity, she manages to marry these two impulses on canvas throughout her diverse collections, always elegant and refined.

Rose Cantin's pictorial and sculptural work is a constant back and forth between impulse and control. It usually begins with the precise and impeccable masking off of a work area in which the artist allows herself to let go. This is followed by the application of color and texture of different intensities which will then be carefully balanced in order to satisfy the artist's need for uniformity and delicacy.