Bucci, Linda

Technique: Oil

Linda Bucci, painterBorn in Montréal, Linda Bucci divides her time between her hometown and Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs in the Laurentians, where she devotes herself to her true passion: painting.

After graduating from an administration program at a private college, she worked with Desjardins Group for several years. Eventually, her strong creative spirit took over and she left to work for Chanel in Montréal as a principal signer.

Continually intrigued by the art of painting, her curiosity led her to visit every museum she could find. Furthermore, she would travel and explore renowned art hubs around the world.

Little by little, she discovered her talent for painting, studied artists on her own, attended courses and devoted her time to master her artistic skillset. Among the institutions she attended, she particularly appreciated the training she received at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the Académie des Arts de Laval.

Her dynamic compositions and powerful expressions are created primarily with the palette knife to be rich in texture, vibrant in colour and unique in their contemporary abstraction. Each of her works reflects harmony and mystic beauty, seducing and challenging the eye and imagination of the viewer.

Paint is my passion and I love to create. It allows me to explore an intuitive approach, the idea of motion and a sense of everlasting. This great freedom of expression drives me, and I want to share it with you through my work.