Brochu, Aline

Technique: Oil

Aline Brochu was born in St-Évariste, Beauce, in 1957, and she now resides in the Quebec City region.

Aline Brochu is first and foremost a self-taught artist. She took a few painting classes here and there and soon developed her own personal style. Using the palette knife and oil as her medium, Brochu focuses her work on the past. The buildings she chooses to paint are part of Quebec's past, be they ancestral homes from the Charlevoix region or the beautiful old buildings that make Old Quebec City so unique. The people she paints are also dressed in period clothing. Her work is warm and joyous and therefore has great human appeal. Her paintings capture the essence of what Quebec represented in the 1920s. Brochu's paintings depict the historical heritage that our ancestors left behind, enabling us to remember...

Media coverage

  • Magazin’Art, Biennial Guide of Canadian artists in Galleries, 2002-2003 and prior years
  • Magazin’Art, Autumn 2001 edition, article pg. 73 (French version), pg.127 (English version)
  • Agend’art communimage, 1996
  • La Beauce en peinture, book, Roussan, 1992


  • Museum of the Haute-Beauce, St-Évariste-de-Beauce
  • IBM, Montreal
  • Canam-Manac
  • Famili-Prix
  • Caisse populaire Desjardins
  • Créations par le dire, Québec
  • Club Location, Québec
  • Consultants Enval Inc.
  • and many more

Prizes and Distinctions

  • People’s Choice Award at the 250th anniversary of the Town of Ste-Marie-de-Beauce
  • work chosen by Canam-Manac, 1994 and 1996
  • work chosen for the calendar of the Town of St-Jean-Chrysostome