Boucher, Pierre-Édouard

Technique: Oil and mixed media

Pierre-Édouard BoucherPierre-Édouard Boucher was born in Montréal in 1950.

He holds a degree in visual arts from the University of Québec in Montréal, he continued his training by studying art history. Boucher's career brought him into the field of education for over thirty years. Throughout that time social commitments, community and culture did not prevent him from pursing his artistic approach to painting.

Boucher's works depicts scenes of nature, focusing on light, time and the changing colours in the atmosphere. The transparent colours and tonal contrasts in his paintings create a strangely natural luminosity. The height of the works gives a feeling of instability and a precarious equilibrium. Boucher includes natural elements to his works adding to the three-dimensionality. The effect created by the combination of colour and dimension inspires fragility and concern over the loss light brings to the changing of days. It's design possesses a great deal of spontaneity and creative spaces that are almost abstract. In Boucher's work we recognize a familiar landscape, lost somewhere in our memories.


  • Pierre-Edouard Boucher has participated in multiple group exhibitions, for four years he has been represented in the Salon des Métiers D'art du Québec.