Borobio, Álvaro

Technique: Mixed media

Álvaro Borobio, painterÁlvaro Borobio was born in Madrid in 1984. He graduated in architecture and urban planning from the CEU San Pablo Polytechnic University in Madrid (2003-2013), then completed his training with the internal scholarship of the Summer Painting Scholarship Slade School of Fine Arts in London (2010-2011). He also obtained the Erasmus scholarship in 2010. He studied restoration and ancient painting courses as a listener and later an assistant at the University of Fine Arts in Naples.

Artistic Approach

Borobio's work explores the dualism between the human and natural realms, which the artist manipulates to engender new realities that conceive nature and urban architecture as a single entity. The artist emphasizes their polarity by interweaving (sometimes literally superimposing by means of layers), representations and dissociated visual languages.

Through his particular expressiveness, he expresses a concern regarding the relationship between metropolitan society, the natural environment and the active role that man develops in the encounter between the two.

Through the lively and energetic color palette of his paintings, Borobio aims to awaken in the viewer unusual moods, moving us to hypothetical places far from the everyday, always inviting reflection. In this way he criticizes the accelerated rates of growth and development that govern our reality, offering other alternatives in the form of fictitious places, different ways of inhabiting the world.