Bergeron, Rémi

Rémi Bergeron, sculptorHaving worked for a long time in the theater industry as a prop stylist and designer, it is obvious that Rémi Bergeron's previous experience has significantly influenced his current artistic process.

Objects have fascinated the artist for several years, and it is through his sculpture that he tries to exploit this fascination. On one hand, his works explore the possibilities offered by combining different materials. On the other hand, his work revolves around the object itself: its form, its structure, and its experience. Bergeron likes to observe them, tame them, and respect them in their entirety. Often, the artist uses objects as they are: with their patina, their peculiarities, and their imperfections.

The sculptor constantly questions the predefined role of objects, always seeking to give them a new meaning. In a way, his work is akin to that of a poet who uses words to give them another meaning, another direction. This way of seeing objects differently has always been a source of inspiration for him and the starting point of his artistic work.

Bergeron's sculptures often come to life in the form of figures, animals, or other whimsical subjects. His works testify to a softness and sensuality. Sometimes enigmatic, sometimes zany, these fine characters imbued with history and poetry, seem to move in space. They come to life.