Beaudin, Patrick

The artist Patrick Beaudin stands out with a unique artistic approach, blending the urgency of creativity with the finesse of Western European graffiti tradition. While speed of execution is paramount in his works, reminiscent of techniques such as collage and stencil, his approach is anything but hasty. On the contrary, far from the raw rebellion of street graffiti, Beaudin's canvases resonate with subtle poetry, adorned with colorful and captivating motifs.

Multidisciplinary in his approach, Patrick is not limited to a single tool or medium. He skillfully juggles the spatula, brushes, and even the use of his own fingers, conveying his overpowering need to create. His bold strokes of oil pastel attest to his determined gesture. Moreover, collage holds a significant place in his works. Not only does it allow him to structure the space of his paintings through the overlay of various planes, but it also incorporates text as a graphical element.

Although his inspirations are rooted in nature and contemporary art, there's an undeniable modernity in his work, always sprinkled with a hint of humor that charms the viewer.

In terms of technique, Patrick Beaudin indulges in a mixed method, combining acrylic paint, oil pastel, and collage to bring his visions to life.

His academic background is equally impressive. Holding degrees in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and 3-D Animation, this native of Longueuil, born in 1974, is a true artistic chameleon. Although trained in a traditional manner, his heart and mind have always been drawn to urban art. It's in this discipline that he finds the freedom to express his ideas, freely using materials of his choice. What attracts him most to this art form is the ability to juxtapose nature and culture in a spontaneous manner, offering both a provocative and enjoyable experience to the viewer.