Bakk, Dominique

Technique: Oil

Dominique Bakk, painterDominique Bakk was born in 1953 in Lille, France. He now lives in Sartrouville, France.

Dominique Bakk is a self-taught artist who has sought techniques and teachings from wandering through various Museums and by being around older artists. When one looks upon a Bakk painting, one automatically notices the influence of Claude Monet; Bakk's 'Mentor'. An Art critic once mentioned that Bakk's work and imagination was unique in which “it was as though while he was painting, Bakk was hearing the sounds the landscape before him was making, that he could transcend this "interior music" through his paintings.”

His unique approach and true dedication to his work may be explained by the fact that he is in love with what is most pure and true in nature. He loves the colours, the scents, the rusticity, the authenticity that can only be found in the "countryside".

Media coverage 

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  • City of Carrière-sur-Seine, France
  • Lieury et le Nouvion en Thierache, France
  • EDF Électricité de France

Prizes and honours

  • Guest of honour to the artists’ salons of Pont-l’Évêque (1992) and Vieux Chatre à Arpajon (1998)
  • 1st prize of the American Embassy in Paris (1990)
  • 1st prize of the Conseil Général in the Hauts-de-Seine (1991)