Technique: Mixed media

Aramys, painterAramys is a French artist who is part of the Parisian graffiti scene, born in 1981. He discovered street art in the 90s and became passionate about this form of expression.

Self-taught, he is inspired by comics and superheroes that he likes to depict in his colorful, figurative and text-based style in vacant spaces. Over the years, the size of his creations has grown, and so has the public's enthusiasm for his art, which has led him to produce a body of work in his studio. Exhibiting freely for 25 years on buildings and alleys in several countries, galleries are now inviting him to have his art on their walls.

Aramys succeed in allowing us to forget the social constraints of graffiti and transports us to a lively universe infused with humor, love and memories of our childhood where everything seemed simple and possible. His pieces are currently exhibited in several galleries around the world.