Allard, Valérie

Technique: Mixed media

Valérie Allard, painterSince childhood Valerie Allard has always shown great interest towards art. It was in 1997, at Sainte-Foy College, that Valerie began her studies in Fine Arts. She pursued her studies to finally receive her Bachelor’s degree in 2003 at Laval University in Quebec City. Valerie Allard has touched many different art mediums: photography, engraving, and sculpting. However, since the very beginning, drawing and painting have been her favourites.

Today, her paintings reflect her various experiences and her evolution as an artist. Her themes represent interior spaces and still life compositions in a very urban and contemporary fashion. They transcend a feeling of intimacy and warmth, while also capturing the essence of an urban lifestyle. Modern and neat, her paintings are rich in colour and texture. Upon her canvas, one can detect shapes that have been varnished lavishly, other shapes have been left rugged and untouched, creating multitudes of different textures. The light caress of a pencil stroke can be seen dancing agilely over the assemble of her work, making her composition all that more enticing and intriguing.

The way Valerie masters the different media she uses enables her to approach art audaciously, creatively, and freely. A true Artist.

Media coverage

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  • 2007 - International Festival ‘Montreal en Arts FIMA 2007’ Montreal (collective)
  • 2004 - À l'Évidence, mail St-Roch, Quebec (collective)
  • 2003 - Fabriquez, Laval University, Quebec (collective)
  • 2003 - Bar L'Inox, Quebec (collective)

    Private collections

    • Many private collections in Canada, in the United States of America, in Europe, and in Asia

    Public collections (selection)

    • Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal, QC
    • F.G. Stolz Inc., Montreal, QC
    • Gescroc, St-Lambert, QC
    • Financial Group “Parent & Ass.” Quebec, QC, 2000
    • Group Solubrik, Ste-Julie, QC
    • ‘Industrielle Alliance’, Quebec, QC
    • Marque d’Or, Montreal, QC
    • Miroiterie Fossat, Contes, France
    • Multibel Inc., Saguenay, QC
    • Property Solutions, Moores Town, NY, USA
    • L’Unique Assurance Générale, Quebec, QC
    • Weatherly Law Firm, Atlanta, GA, USA


    • Montréal en Arts International Festival 2007