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Turning dreams into reality - The Beauchamp Art Galleries began as a lovers’ dream.

In the early 90s, Claudette and Marc Beauchamp cherished the idea of opening an art gallery. However, the economic situation of the time discouraged this kind of initiative, with several well-established galleries being forced to close their doors. Not to be deterred, Claudette and Marc proceeded with the opening of their Royal Art Gallery in 1993, located at 53, rue Saint-Pierre, at the corner of the Côte de la Montagne, the oldest streets in Quebec City. Armed with a formidable business sense and a remarkable taste for works of art, the couple gave free rein to their love of paintings by Quebec artists. Over the next few months, the young gallery took on the appearance of a small museum, and more and more visitors would pass through its doors to revel in the beauty of the works on display.

The Beauchamp family: a family quartet nourished by a common passion, the promotion of beauty.

Sophie and Vincent, Claudette and Marc’s two children, share their parents' enthusiasm for visual art and, one thing lead to another, as they gained experience in curating works of art. A few years later, the premises began to be a little too cramped to accommodate all the works that the Beauchamp family wanted to promote, and the acquisition of additional space was necessary.

The passion for beauty - A family affair

A business association was woven between the parents and their children, an organization in which each family member would become the owner of their own gallery location. What was originally a partnership, is now a family business nourished by a common passion: promoting artists and their beautiful work.


Rue du Sault-au-Matelot, Quebec

Bel Art, Beauchamp and Beauchamp

Five years passed since Galerie Royale had opened it’s doors, and during this time the family had established two other galleries: Bel Art and Beauchamp et Beauchamp.

Located side by side, between rue Saint-Pierre and rue du Sault-au-Matelot, the Bel Art and Beauchamp et Beauchamp galleries occupy a heritage building whose construction dates back to 1647. Visitors who walk through the doors of these two new galleries are immediately taken by the bold architecture that combines the classic charm of old stone, and the contemporary style of the interior design.


An authority in the world of art galleries

As for the works themselves, they abound in a joyful variety, skilfully staged by the gallery owners. Thus the Beauchamp signature was born, which would soon become a recognized reference in the gallery world.


“Always make your painting an opening to the world. " - Leonardo DeVinci


Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, Baie-Saint-Paul

Beauchamp Art Gallery, Baie-Saint-Paul

A source of inspiration for a myriad of artists who have come from all over the world to celebrate its charm, the Charlevoix region continues to amaze visitors with the splendor of its landscapes.

In April 2001, it was this setting that housed the fourth addition to the group of Beauchamp galleries, the Galerie d’art Beauchamp de Baie-Saint-Paul. The large clientele passing through the region would discover the same knowledges from the family of art enthusiasts. Housed in a heritage house located in the heart of the village, on rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the Galerie d'art Beauchamp de Baie-Saint-Paul presents approximately fifty artists, and is one of the main businesses in Charlevoix.


Rue Notre-Dame, Quebec

The first contemporary space in the Old Port of Quebec

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for contemporary works, the Beauchamp family opened a fifth gallery in 2004. In this heritage building located on Notre-Dame Street, a stone's throw from Place Royale, this new establishment would offer a unique selection of well-known contemporary artists, whose works will become the new classics of tomorrow.


Rue Saint-Antoine, Quebec

A second contemporary space in the same district

At the corner of rue Saint-Pierre and rue Saint-Antoine, in 2006, a space became available. For the Beauchamp family, this is the perfect time to open a second gallery dedicated to contemporary works. Spread over two floors, the new gallery, like its big sisters, would combine the functional aesthetics of contemporary architecture with the charms of the neighborhood's ancestral houses. This contemporary art gallery offers a wide selection of handpicked artists who promise to bring joy to all visitors.


St. Pierre Street, Quebec

Espace Galerie B8 - Corporate events

The mission of this new space is to promote exchanges between artists and the public, as it is dedicated solely to holding temporary exhibitions. Located at 49, rue Saint-Pierre, the two floors of Espace Galerie B8 can also be rented out to companies for business meetings, workshops, seminars, and unforgettable evening events.


King Street, Toronto

The Beauchamp Art Gallery Toronto

With the opening of Beauchamp Art gallery in Toronto, the Beauchamp family was able to offer their artists exposure and access to a booming market. In 2009, this new gallery opened its doors in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the Design District. A short walk from the iconic St. Lawrence Market and Toronto’s flat iron building, the King Street gallery shows a lively combination of works by Quebec and Ontario artists, in a variety of styles.

Distillery District, Toronto

A sister gallery to the King Street location, the Beauchamp Art Gallery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District acts as a showroom and introduction to tourists from all over the world. This bright, modern space shows a collection of our most prolific contemporary artists.


Beauchamp Family Foundation Fund

Creativity and youth coming together in a powerful way. At the origin of artistic creation, there is always a child-like urge to remake the world in one’s own way. At times, poverty may interfere, and may go so far as to extinguish the most promising hopes.

“I am two things that cannot be ridiculous: a savage and a child." - Paul Gauguin

In 2008, the Beauchamp family established the Beauchamp Family Foundation Fund to aid children and self-help groups that support those in need. A network between artists and the Beauchamp Art Galleries was created to raise money through special events, auctions, and donations. Several of their artists graciously offer their artworks to be sold with the entire proceeds to be donated to the Beauchamp Family Foundation. In addition, at each exhibition, a portion of the sums generated is donated by the Beauchamp Art Galleries to the Foundation. Buy happiness, give happiness.


Donations and Fundraising

Throughout the year, the Beauchamp Art Galleries participate in various activities to support several organizations such as Pignon Bleu, Centraide, the Red Cross, the Rotary Club, the Salvation Army, the Center de pédiatrie sociale de Québec and the Canadian Cancer Society as part of their fundraising campaigns. The Beauchamp Family Foundation Fund also offers a scholarship to students enrolled at Laval University who will study abroad in a second language.


Beauchamp Art Galleries at your service

The Beauchamp Art Galleries are open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and teams are on hand to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. The reputation of the Beauchamp Art Galleries is based on the irreproachable quality of their customer service. Thus, the staff is specially trained to ensure the complete satisfaction of customers and to meet their specific needs by providing them with sound advice for the acquisition of a painting.


The Beauchamp Art Galleries offer you:

1. A vast choice of more than 3,500 works by more than 300 artists

2. The transport of works of art anywhere in the world, quickly and at a reasonable price

3. Advice on installation

4. A preview service of the client's works in the space reserved for them

5. A framing service from a classic or contemporary selection

6. Various payment options, and monthly installments

7. A website updated daily to ensure the availability of our inventory

8. A personalized follow-up to help the client find other works that will interest them


Our artists

The Galeries d'art Beauchamp represent the artists they exhibit

More than 300 artists represented

The large number of galleries operated by the Beauchamp family as well as the impressive number of its corporate connections allow our artists exposure in Quebec, Ontario, the United States and Europe and several other Canadian cities, while the family ensures the promotion of its artists. This constant search for new markets and the development of corporate collections allows the artists represented by Beauchamp the opportunity to benefit from diverse visibility.  In addition to this exceptional promotion, the Beauchamp family also works closely with designers and niche magazines in order to promote their artists work throughout homes in Canada and throughout the world.


“Emotion is neither added nor initiated: it is the seed, and the work is the hatching. " - Georges Braque